Hawaiian silk lei with hot pink plumeria flowers | Aloha Products USA
Close up view of a hot pink plumeria Hawaiian silk lei | Aloha Products USA

Hawaiian Silk Lei - Hot Pink Plumeria

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Aloha Welcome Garland

Delightful Hawaiian silk lei in a hot pink color that really pops! The colorful fabric petals are soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear and are strung together with durable elastic for lasting beauty. We have a matching silk head lei available for this eye-catching and colorful lei.

The plumeria flower is a Hawaiian favorite because it is a very positive symbol for love, spring and new beginnings. 

The Hawaiian lei is an iconic symbol of Hawaii and has been a custom of aloha for hundreds of years. Leis are often worn for special occasions and events because they represent love, friendship, honor, celebration and warm greetings when gifted to others. In essence, when you give someone a lei, you are spreading aloha.

  • Length: 40"
  • Designed in Hawaii
  • Imported silk/polyester blend