Hawaiian silk flower hair clip with purple, pink and white orchids | Aloha Products USA
Back view of a purple and white orchid hair clip

Silk Flower Hair Clip - White & Purple Orchid

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Aloha Hair Accessory

Soft shades of muted purple mixed with white are used for this beautiful Hawaiian silk flower orchid hair clip. The flowers are arranged so that it looks nice and full from any angle. Well constructed and lightweight with a total length of 5 inches. 

White orchids symbolize innocence and purity and purple orchids symbolize admiration, making for a great combination. In Hawaii, when a girl wears a flower in her hair it speaks of her relationship status. A flower over the right ear means she is available and the left side shows she is taken. 

  • Designed in Hawaii 
  • Length: 5 inches / Width 3 inches
  • Imported silk/polyester blend