Hawaiian Tribal Tote Bag - Black & Silver
Back view of black canvas tote bag for women
Hawaiian Tribal Tote Bag - Black & Silver

Hawaiian Tribal Tote Bag - Black & Silver

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Hawaiian Gift Meaning: Guidance & New Beginnings

Black woven canvas tote bag that is roomy enough to carry all of your daily necessities depicting traditional Hawaiian tattoo art on black leather by NĀ KOA. This awesome tote bag is made with lasting quality and comfortable beauty that features pockets and zip closure compartments.

Tattoo art "Kaulele" by Megan Jones "She who flies by her own wings" features the manu bird to represent direction in life. Traditional symbols for guidance, new beginnings, safe returns and protection are intricately drawn into the wings.

Dimensions: 12 1⁄2“x 18" x 3 1⁄2 “ (H x W x D)
Designed in Hawaii / Imported from India